Monkey Mind

Taming my monkey mind is a full-time job.

Tara Brach, PhD, meditation teacher

Here’s a social post I saw over Labor Day. “Summer isn’t over yet. So sit your happy Halloween pumpkin spice butt down until I finish drinking my margaritas!” LOL

Oh my! Summer isn’t officially over until 9:03pm on September 22. Plenty of time right? My monkey-mind howled: What about the stuff on your summer project list you didn’t do, the things you should have done, all the wasted time? Oops! I just lost my mindfulness. 

Here’s how I can recover it in four steps. 

Stop: Time for a little self-compassion. Give myself the gift of at least half-hour of meditation each day, or maybe take a healing walk outdoors. Cleansing breaths can calm the mind.   

Look: Recognize my log jam. Time for some self-compassion. If I created it, I can de-create it.     

Listen: Hear the annoying chatter, the rapid thoughts, and turn down the volume. 

Choose: Stop working with my monkey, and give my mind a vacation.

Rule your mind or it will rule you.