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For over 45 years, I’ve experienced great joy as a catalyst for change. 

Through meditation, music, mindfulness therapy, and mentoring – all of which are inextricably intertwined – we find the tools needed to materialize your life’s path (ambitions, dreams, visions) while having a supportive mentor like me at your side. 

Meditation, music, mindfulness therapy, and mentoring all embody the tools that help with anxiety, confidence, depression, focus, stage fright, performance, presence, resilience, and stress.  My work embodies all these modalities and adds the current wisdom of brain science, self-compassion, and proven performance anxiety tools and techniques. 

It’s in the pauses that ‘aha’ moments happen.  It’s in stillness that we really hear the messages and guidance we seek in our search for meaning and change. It’s about believing in possibility. 


By visiting my website you’ve already set your desire for change in motion. 

Let’s do a free discovery call and chat about how I can support you on your journey. 

Life is not about getting to a certain place.  Life is the path.  Zen Master Tich Nhat Hanh

Jane Offers

Mindfulness practices are now being taught in schools, libraries, places of worship and corporate offices.   For business organizations, group meditation can develop  generosity of spirit in the office culture, and more creative team and individual performance, as well as help address inter- and intra-personal challenges. Meditation can lower anxiety and conflict in classrooms, organizations, offices and other group settings, and increase productivity, inspiration, and empathy. Practicing together often has immediate benefits.      

Private Meditation

In our times, the increasing sense of dis-ease can be managed by finding stillness, which mindfulness meditation provides.  We develop your practice from the ground up.  It starts with the breath. Using an approach inspired by mindfulness-based stress reduction and insight meditation, we address breathing,  visualization, mantras,  and sleeping to achieve calm and equanimity on a daily basis.


A classically trained jazz/pop musician, I teach piano (Dalcroze,  Leschetizky) and voice (David Collyer, yoga singing) to all ages for the pure joy of making music for yourself. Medical research and scientific studies of the intersection of brain, mind, and music now confirm that the brain benefits in untold ways from playing an instrument or singing. Both are examples of meditation practice in themselves.  

Stagefright Solutions ™ for Showing Up

StageFright Solutions ™ began as a coaching program for performers to identify and remove their self-imposed blocks, fears, and jitters and sometimes even memory lapses.  Nonperformers can experience these same issues. Usually when we’re under stress, anxiety rises.   

Since the pandemic, it has become apparent that many of us are faced with a new kind of challenge in simply showing up for work.  Zooming – whether for school or work – has put us all in a different kind of spotlight. 

And so, StageFright Solutions ™ for Showing Up was born.  Anyone with fear and stress around public speaking might feel unexpected challenges in maintaining their emotional composure. Anyone experiencing loss of confidence in work or at home in life can apply the strategies that StageFright Solutions ™ for Showing Up provides. They support self-management tools for feeling  confident, polished and professional. 


Working as your teacher, Jane somehow joins you through the instrumentality of your music and helps you access your inner emotional core in a way that connects the two. This process allows for an experience and a refinement of creative express that both stimulates and calms your soul.

Phil G. NY, Psychiatrist and Singer

I never thought I could sit for more than five minutes, without my thoughts racing through my mind. With your guidance, I am able to sit, concentrate on feeling my breath, and clear my mind of random thoughts.  This is truly a gift, particularly when I feel stressed about something. I can just sit, be with myself and my body, concentrate on my breath and find a calm and peace that I didn’t know was available to me.

Shelly N., NC, Textile Designer and meditator

A politician must be an actor, and every thespian needs a coach. So when nominated for a local office without any experience, I was sent to Jane for help. She provided me with the tools for the required performances. More importantly, she made an effort to discover me, finding that i have had decades of exposure in front of audiences. She gave me the confidence to believe in my innate convictions plus my previous experience that would allow me to deal with the political environment with confidence. To be frank, I learned how to keep my foot out of my mouth. I won both in the primary and the general election by applying the confidence she instilled, which seems to be gaining me good marks as I perform my office duties.

Dave F., NY., Political Candidate

Jane is always encouraging. Working on my voice, singing, and performing with her is a reward I give myself.

Barbara J. NYC, Realtor

I had a great business idea but it was a jumble in my head. I’m a writer but I couldn’t begin to explain to myself or my vision or my business ideas to anyone. Marketing? I didn’t know where to begin. Jane Meryll didn’t just coach me, she launched me into the world. She helped me get in touch with my vision and turn it into a reality. The bottom line, I came to Jane Meryll and StageFright Solutions not believing that any technique or person was going to turn me into an effective business person. I left a believer in myself, in my ideas, and in Jane Meryll. Her teaching style is contagious. Don’t sign up with her, unless you don’t want to change and grow.

Linda U., NYC, Author

Jane, you are always inspiring. You do so much for me and bring so much into my life. You make me happy, I’m sure a lot of other people feel that way too. Thank you so much for helping me make my dream of being able to sing come true.

Troy H., NYC, Entrepreneur

I came to StageFright Solutions after I met Jane at a business gathering.  I was having challenges as the sole sales-person for my business.  I understood how sales was – in effect – a performance and that there were skills I could learn to increase my bottom line. 

My biggest struggle was fear and the negative tapes playing in my head.

Following Jane’s skillful direction, we looked at all the habits, behaviors, and thoughts that were locking me up.  Through the body work we did together, I learned to present myself in ways that gave a calm, confident air.  . . becoming my own public persona and being comfortable acting it well. None of this comes naturally for me. 

Some are lucky enough to be endowed, leaving the rest lacking in these skills.   Jane showed me these skills can be learned.   

Our work started at level one, learning flow, and staging, as well as vocal and body work.  This prepared me for formal presentations.  It was essential.  

When I am looking for a coach or trainer in any part of my life, I look for someone who is generous of spirit, fun, and compassionate to where I am on my journey.  I look for someone who is exacting, encouraging me to be more than I am presenting.   Jane has done that for me. 

Roe C., CT, Event Planner

Jane Meryll is a

  • Grammy-nominated song writer 
  • Award-winning composer
  • Educator
  • Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT)
  • Mentor
  • Piano teacher
  • Performer
  • Psychotherapist
  • Stagefright Solutions ™ Founder
  • Studio musician 
  • Yoga singing teacher

Her clients include CEOs, teens, grandmothers, performance artists, bankers, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians, writers, extroverts and introverts.

She has degrees and specialty training certifications from Sarah Lawrence College (BA, MA), Westminster Choir College, NYU, The New School, Juilliard, Berklee College of Music, and Boston University.

Her vision includes growing a global community of like-minded seekers who desire empowered and enlightened, peaceful lives filled with beauty, meaning and joy.