Stagefright Solutions ™ for Showing Up

Stagefright Solutions ™ began as a unique coaching program for performers to identify and remove their self-imposed stumbling blocks so they could share their beautiful talents.

Since the pandemic, it became apparent that individuals were faced with new challenges for showing up. So many zoom activities — from work presentations to classroom studies — have put us in front of a screen full of faces including our own. Anyone with anxieties around public speaking have had some real challenges in maintaining their composure.

This past year has also pushed many to examine how they are showing up for themselves in their person and professional lives. Often that requires professional support to shift gears, reimagine possibilities and rewrite narratives in order to grow forward and thrive.

And so, Stagefright Solutions ™ for Showing Up was born and available for everyone, everywhere for every reason.


I work with executives, young professionals and thought leaders in all industries.


Whether you’re speak to a large group or a small team, I will provide tools to confidently deliver your messages in a way that’s true to who you are.


I can help students from elementary school through graduate school on ways to manage anxiety around being called on, speaking up in class and other hesitations around speaking in front of other.s

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