Coaching Packages

Your right as a human being is to move through life in your own time and in your own way.

In addition to the packages offered below, I create individualized programs, trainings and workshops.

How may I help you?

Starter Kit
(6 weeks)

21 days to form a new habit
+ then another cycle
because practice makes progress. Each week includes:

  • 30 min private mediation
  • 30 min coaching

Moderate Pace
(6 months)

This plan includes additional coaching support and for an extended length of time. Each week includes:

  • 30 min private mediation
  • 60 min coaching

Master Class
(12 months)

6 additional months plus weekly extra help session available as needed:

  • 30 min private mediation
  • 60 min coaching
  • 1-hour office visit for extra support per week

Self-Guided Tour (membership subscription)

Each month you will receive an exclusive members-only newsletter with timely meditations and coaching tips

You will also have access to a private, monthly 30 min zoom meet up where I answer any questions you may have

I am truly grateful to you for introducing me to Mindful Meditation.

Sitting quietly with myself, listening to my breath, sitting in stillness. I never thought I could do these things.  I never thought I could sit for more than 5 minutes, without my thoughts racing thru my mind.

With your guidance, I am able to sit, concentrate on feeling my breath, and clear my mind of random thoughts.  This is truly a gift, particularly when I feel stressed about something, I can just sit, be with myself and my body concentrate on my breath and find a calm and peace that I didn’t know was available to me. 

Thank you so much for this gift of healing.

Shelly Nudell, Meditation Student

Jane is the kind of mentor I wished for my whole life.

She has provided me with so many new ways to think about things, easy-to-try tools to build healthier habits and consistent reminders to breathe and bring myself back to present.

It’s amazing what happens when you are able to live in the now. The anxiety, fear and stress melt away and you are left with your own inner peace and sense of power.

I tell everyone from age 2 – 100 that “you must meet Jane.”

Gennifer Birnbach, Meditation Student