How may I help you?

Welcome, my name is Jane Meryll and I am here to support you.

You are a remarkable being discovering your unlimited potential.

You may already know the changes you need to make but feel stuck and unable to make a move or a decision.

Just start somewhere. In your own time. In your own way.

There are many ways, I can support you. I offer several types of coaching and workshop opportunities. All which are instrumental in anxiety management.

My clients include CEOs, teens, grandmothers, performance artists, bankers, athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, extroverts and introverts.

I’m a committed, lifelong learner with degrees and certificates from several colleges including: Boston University, The Juilliard School, Sarah Lawrence College and the Berklee College of Music.

I am recognized by my students, clients and peer as:

  • An Educator
  • A Grammy-Nominated musician + award-winning composer 
  • A Meditation Coach for Anxiety and Health CMT
  • A Mentor Therapeutic Coach-CEMIC 
  • A Piano instructor
  • A Studio musician 
  • A Yoga singing teacher

Call or text Jane (914) 548-7727